Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tidbits from Nathanael's birthday

(Two posts today...scroll down to see the other one!)

It's hard to believe that Nathanael is already 12! Here he is on his birthday about to blow out the candles on his carrot cake. His Nana would have been proud of that choice. She made the best carrot cakes.

Apparently turning 12 isn't too bad!!!
Micaiah was the entertainment for the night - putting on a puppet show. She used a bunch of Disney character puppets which were left here in the house by the owners.
All the kids enjoyed the party.

Nathanael also got an indoor basketball hoop and ball. This is perfect for our house because the room is very large big and the ceiling very high you can take really long shots. It's a little hard to control the little, light-weight ball well when shooting long jumpers.

Nathanael also had a couple of friends for a sleepover a few days before his birthday. It just happened there was a good holiday that worked out for them to be able to come earlier. Those boys had a great time playing together, too.

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