Thursday, October 14, 2010

Up the mountain

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At the end of August, we had a chance to visit a family that lives up in the mountains. We roughly estimate the elevation to be around 5500 ft. It was a great time to be away from the city for a couple of nights - and the climate is very different up there.

Out of the back window was a beautiful view. In the early morning, it was clear and beautiful, but by late morning the clouds and fog would settle in.

We were glad to be away from the city heat. It was 52 in the house on Sunday morning! We also were able to have a fire on Saturday evening - we all enjoyed that.
We didn't just rest. One thing we did was help teach an English class Saturday morning.

The local people work at agriculture, growing many kinds of vegetables throughout the year. This made the countryside look like a patch-work quilt.

This is actually a tourist area, so there is a 4-star hotel up there!

There are many Hindus in the area. They leave out food as an offering to the spirits in structures like this one.

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