Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun with Elijah

Here is Elijah dancing. He loves to dance to peppy music. In this clip, he's 'feeling it' during the Veggie Tales version of Funkytown.

Here are some other things Elijah is up to:

He loves to race. He always asks other members of the family to "Race with me." He is Lightening McQueen. The other contestant is Mater (or multiple Maters). Then, we race, usually in circles around the table. He is the only one who knows how many laps, so he always reaches the back of the sofa first!

For a long tim, we have let each of the three older kids pray before one of our meals each day. Now, Elijah has 'hijacked' these prayers and always mixes his voice with the others. At every meal, he prays for our breakfast, our lunch and our dinner. We figure we're covered for a while into the future!

He also likes to play Uno. But, his goal isn't to get rid of all his cards. He wants to collect as many blue cards as possible. He'll even take your blue cards, if you let him.

He's now potty trained, but when it's time to go, he always lets us know, "It's dark in nere" (there). That's his way of asking us to turn on the bathroom light, even when it's not that dark in there. He also has a stool so he can wash his hands himself (enjoying letting the water run), but he can't get the liquid soap. We get a lot of requests to help him get soap, too.

Whenever anyone goes anywhere he's always ready to go. He loves to wait for a taxi or for someone else's car to arrive to pick us up. He likes to watch people drive away from our gate. And he always goes with us to walk the kids to school and pick them up. He likes to be Lightenin' McQueen then, too, and "Go faster."

Hope this gives those of you so far away a little glimpse of what Elijah is like these days!

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