Sunday, August 1, 2010

Camping overview

We recently went camping at Taman Dayu with another English-speaking family. We were near the Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, but the feel was a lot different. The place was ideal for a couple of reasons. We didn't need our own tent, as the tent you see in the picture was included. We also enjoyed being away from the crowds. We were there in the middle of the week, and we had the place to ourselves.

The campground is on the side of a mountain. You could view the peak from the campground. It is a beautiful setting.

There is a lot of vegetation out there. It was fun to really be in the "jungle." On thing I learned is how banana trees put out new leaves. See the rolled up leaf sticking almost straight up from the center of this small tree? On the larger trees these leaves are enormous, and they make a cool sound when they buckle in the breeze.

We didn't see a lot of wild life. Mostly just frogs, mice, etc. However, this spider was one of the biggest I've ever seen.
Soon I'll post about our other activities - the park there, the hike, the rain - soon.

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