Sunday, August 1, 2010

Camping - escaping the rain

We're in the middle of dry season - at least as far as the time of year goes. That's why it's a great time to go camping. The afternoon we got out to our site, it started thundering. Just when we were about to light a fire to cook dinner, it started raining steadily. Our group was admittedly not the hardcore camping type. So, we did the best we could. KFC was only about 10 minutes away!

The KFC in the town there is built to look like a carousel. So, we had a dry dinner there. (It actually wasn't raining in town.) After dinner, we all went across to the real carousel. The kids had a good time on it as you can see from the pictures. In looking over them, I just noticed 3 NCSU shirts, one USA shirt, and one custom shirt for our family. We are remembering our home and you all!

Yes, Micaiah is holding an ice cream cone.

Ice cream and dizziness - a winning combo.

Go get 'em, Cowboy!

As we headed back toward camp, it almost immediately started raining steadily. It rained off and on for hours. And we did get wet inside our tents. Thankfully the rest of the time was dry and very nice, so we slept better the second night.

Coming up: the hike and the waterpark.

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