Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pickleball Tournament

Nathanael learned a game in PE earlier this year called Pickleball. Believe it or not, this is a 'real' sport. (Although I guess that depends on how you define 'real!') It's a combination of badmitton (the court size), tennis (the way it's played) and ping-pong (the paddles/ball).

Anyway, there was a round-robin format tournament at school this weekend - a fundraiser for a couple of upcoming sports team trips. It was fun because most people playing had little experience with the game. Nathanael played singles on Friday.

He did great - placing second and beating out kids in 6th-8th grades. He lost his first two games and then won four in a row. He has even more stamina than a normal 11 year old. He never got tired.

The rest of the family came to watch...and hang out!

Elijah found a "car" to ride (of course).

Saturday was doubles day. So, we entered as a Father-Son team. There were several other parent-child teams. David first saw pickleball paddles and balls on Friday.
A little video of the game. It can be a lot more active than this segment was...and a lot more exercise!

We did very well, winning our first six games. Then, we met the other undefeated team in our last game. They beat us soundly (the PE teacher was on that team), so we took second in doubles, too.
PS - This is David's second post; this one went much more smoothly and quickly!

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