Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A day in the life of Elijah

Elijah is changing so fast. We're starting a series of posts that will tell about what he does, how he talks and post some video. In today's post, he tells about his typical day.

5:30AM (sometimes I sleep in til 6)- It's time for me to get up. The sun is already bright out my window. I might play with my cars a minute, but I mostly just want my mommy. First, I need some yogurt drink. After that, grape juice. Then, I'll try to convince mommy it's time to fix breakfast. I like eggs because we have them every day.

7AM - Everyone is always so busy in the morning. It's hard to find someone to help me get dressed. I ask for a clean diaper. Mommy and Daddy say I should put that stuff in the potty, but I think they might be teasing. I don't know how to do that anyway. If my Noah pants (hand-me downs from a friend here named Noah) are clean, I'll wear those. After I'm dressed, we eat our breakfast.

8AM - Daddy starts studying language and Mommy homeschools my brother and sisters. I usually play with cars, do puzzles and read books. Mommy used to help me with my Lightning McQueen car puzzle, but now I can do it all by myself. I like to play close to where Mommy is. Sometimes I get to walk with Mommy to take Nathanael or Moriah or Micaiah to school. Mommy makes me wear my wolfpack hat because it's so sunny.

10AM - Mommy studies and Daddy spends time with us kids. First, he has to get me a snack. I like bananas, peanut butter and crackers. Sometimes I ask to watch my 'beeby oovie' ("Your Baby Can Read" video). Whenever I ask to watch one of my favorite movies in the morning, my parent says, "When do you get to watch that?" I say, "A-ter nap-time!" Daddy homeschools my siblings, but he usually has time to read me a book or play cars with me a little bit, too.

12PM - It's lunch time. We have lunch right on time every day because Ibu Titin fixes it. It has to be ready after Mommy studies and before I have to go take my nap. I like rice. I like toast. I like juice. I try to get to play after lunch, but usually I just get to read a book with Mommy or Daddy. My favorites are "Goodnight Moon", "Colors" , my "Beggie" Tales books, and "NC State 101."

1PM - It's nap time. I sleep with the drapes shut, the fan on, my turtle light on - it makes stars on the ceiling - and with Spot (a stuffed dog) on the floor. Daddy always tries to put him next to my pillow, but I always laugh, say "No Daddy!" and throw him on the floor.

3PM - I get up and ask to "borch" a movie. Cars is my favorite, but I also like several of the Veggie Tales movies, especially The Adventures of Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry. I like to call it Bob's Hat and Bee's Hat!

5PM - We start getting ready for supper. A lot of times, Daddy plays with me some. He likes to tickle me, because it makes me laugh so much. He also likes to throw me on the bed. The wooden slats on the bed are loose, so it makes a lot of noise.

6PM - We are eating supper. A lot of times we have sandwiches or pasta for supper. We have a big meal in the middle of the day. We like to read books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, but I don't understand most of them. But sometimes they talk about wagons or doggies or the wolfpack. Then, we clean up after dinner and get ready for bed. I like to change into my "jammies." But 'jammies' are just the pants. The word 'jammies' doesn't mean the shirt. Some of the jammie-shirt sets I have are great: Mickey Mouse, Veggies Tales, and Light'ning McQueen. Mommy brushes my teeth.

7PM - We have Bible time before bed. Mommy or Daddy read a story. Then we sing a song. My favorite is "Jesus Loves Me." Then, we all take turns praying. I like to go first. FIRST is one of my favorite words. (Parent's note - he doesn't really understand what this word means.) I pray for "Mom" (one of Mommy's friends who lives down the road), my house, my feet, some sister's friends in Dallas, and the food.

7:15 - I go to bed. I sleep on the bottom bunk. Nathanael sleeps on the top bunk. I have the same set-up as at nap time: fan, turtle light, Spot on the floor. Daddy tries to turn the turtle light on yellow or green, but I like blue the best. I usually go right to sleep, but the last couple of nights, I thought maybe it would be a great idea to ask Nathanael for water and to ask him to open the big, heavy door so I could see what was going on in the living room. It worked once 'cause Nathanael was too tired to argue, so I thouhgt I'd keep trying. When Mommy said I had to stop and just go to sleep, I said, "Sanael get me water in my bed, though," but she seemed to think that wasn't a good idea. Oh, well. Good night!

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