Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday's Adventures

Hi guys. This is Nathanael again.

I am going to tell you about my long exciting Sunday on the 7 of March. After Moriah and Micaiah woke up yesterday we played Mario Kart on easy and did 16 races. Mommy and Daddy got up and we got on Skype with Granddaddy K and ate breakfast with him. Elijah turned on Cars and Daddy watched the first half of the UNC-Duke game. Grandmother Sh. was on Skype until we left to go to our first Indonesian party.

It was for our helper's daughter whose birthday is on the same day as Moriah's. We go on the angkot, a blue bus kind of thing that takes you all around the city. It has a set route so you can't tell it where to go like a taxi unless you rent it for the day. We got off the Angkot at the second stop. We walked past a small mall and down a street to a shady spot where we texted our helper who was supposed to help us get to her house. Mommy and Daddy decided to walk down towards where they thought we were supposed to go. We got to a street Mommy recognized and thought we were supposed to go down it. A man, I think out helper asked him to keep an eye out for us, gave us directions to the area her house was in. We walked down the street Mommy recognized and turned at the second street that was connected to that street. A boy, whose mother was a sister to our helper I think, rode a bike with us to the house. Mommy received a text message saying that our helper was at the second angkot stop waiting for us.

The boy's mother let us in to our helper's house and sat us on the sofa because we were the guests of honor. OUr helper's daughter's friends say on the floor. They handed out some water and sang to the birthday girl in Indonesian. We sang happy birthday in English to her later. A religious leader prayed over her and then she blew out the candles on her cake. Her mother cut the cake and she handed it out to everyone. We ate the cake and the leader prayed again. The Indonesian people don't open gifts in front of each toher and they fix some food for the guiests to take hom. The hosts handed out the food and the birthday girl's friends left. We stayed and my parents talked to the hosts. Moriah played with our helper's baby who was sick for a week before.

We took our food, and our helper and her daughter walked with us back to the angkot stop. When we got home, Mommy reheated the food we got at the party. I was some chicken, some fried potato, some noodles, beans and carrots, and some yellow rice which has some seasoning in it.

After lunch, Mommy put Elijah to bed and we watched the clips on Cars. We cleaned up the kitchen and we all rested afterward. I used Daddy's iPod to listen to Adventures in Odyssey and Jonathan Parks. Mommy came out and got some stuff for a snack for everyone. I had a bowl of oatmeal.

About twenty minutes before we had to leave to go to churchm, it started pouring. It wasn't raining, it was POURING!!! The bad part was it was really windy too and there was a lot of lightning. There was water blowing in under our front door!! We got a ride from our friends down the street. In front of the school, there were a few banboo trees blown down. Church started about twenty minutes late and the power was out so there wasn't any powerpoint on the screen. We sang some congs and after the offering they let the kids be dismissed.

When they let the kids out, we usually go to the gym and play tag or something else. There was a basketball but I decided to play freeze tag instead. One of the "it" people started chasing me. It was kind of dark in the gym because there wasn't any power on. There are some leaks in the gym roof and puddles on the floor. I ran and slipped, hitting my chin on the floor. I split my chin and hammed my jaw. I have a bruise on my chin now. I went to one of our friend's houses to make sure I didn't need stitches. She said the cut wasn't very bad. Now all I have to worry about is running into stuff and hurting my jammed jaw.

That was my exciting day on Sunday the 7 of March.

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