Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Not" so Dangerous Safari

written by Nathanael We were on our way to Taman Safari driving up the steep and winding road. When we got there, we got on the bus that would take us through the safari. We were in the bus for 5 minutes before we finally and happily saw llamas in the woods. With the llamas were a few buffalo, a couple elk, and a bunch of turkeys. We saw a maned wolf in its own little open area. The next things we saw were lions, tigers and tiny brown bears. Oh my!

Next, we entered the Asia area. There were hundreds of deer and cattle in this part of the safari. I saw some siamangs, a kind of gibbon, napping and an orangutan which had a really big neck pouch. I saw some black bears and honey bears. I saw a really cool bird that was black, tall like an ostrich, and had a blue and red pouch under its neck like a rooster. We saw a kangaroo, some wallabies, three leopards, one black panther, some spotted deer and three crocodiles. For the first time ever, I saw a Komodo dragon.

We came to the African area. Since I had never seen a zebra up close before, I noticed that some white stripes looked more brown than others, while others looked more brown than black. One of the rhinos I saw looked like he was chewing cud. We saw a few huge antelope, elephants, camels, a couple giraffes, and an ostrich that had his feathers falling out. We saw some mountain goats, then suddenly we drove into water. As we drove by, one hippo attacked another, leaping out of the water at another hippo! I liked all the animals I saw and had fun on the safari.

The bus dropped us off near the baby zoo where we were going to eat lunch. On our way up to the picnic spot, there were some elephants you could pet. We stopped, touched the rough, grey trunks, and fed them some carrots. Elijah didn't think that the trunks were too great. When he tried to feed them a carrot, the trunks lunged for it; so he got scared and dropped the carrot. I thought they were great, because it was cool to be able to feed them. Their trunks were rough and had quite a bit of hair on them. It was cool to see the finger like muscle on the end of their trunks.

After lunch, we went to the baby zoo. (It was a baby animal zoo, not a human baby zoo.) The first think we saw was a small tiger which you could get your picture taken with. We wandered up the path to where Moriah rode a camel and Micaiah rode a pony. We walked to the bird forest. I saw a peacock, a horn billed bird and a few others.

Down the path, there was a baby tiger that wanted a break from being man handled. He was very frantic and was trying to get away from the person holding him. He was growling very loudly. We saw a python and an adult lion that we could take our picture with, also. It was a bit scary. Instead, we got our picture taken with a smaller lion. After we had out picture taken with the lion, I saw an orangutan roll down a hill. Another was taking his afternoon nap. Some tigers were playing in some water and walked around their habitat. The baby zoo was fun because I got to pet a lion and an elephant.

The next thing we did was stroll up to the tiger show. There was a sizable, beautiful white tiger and two other regular tigers. First, the white tiger climbed a pole which had rope on it, because he wanted the meat hanging on the rope. The other tigers jumped on a rock table, drank milk out of a box, and ate meat out of their trainer's hand. They ran slowly and lazily across the rocks and jumped from rock to rock. They jumped down from the rocks and had to lick the trainer's hand a certian number of times to get the meat our of his hand. One ran across a wood structure built up very high and the other climbed the pole. The white tiger and one other tiger jumped into a pool where the trainers threw meat. One time, the trainer had a tiger catch the meat in the air and land in the water. The trainer threw some meat in for the white tiger, and the white tiger didn't know where it went. They were splashing around a lot. It was fun to watch.

My favorite parts of our safari were the hippos, the komodo dragons, the elephants, taking my picture with a lion, and the tiger show. The hippos and the komodo dragons were cool because I like those animals. I like the elephants because it was very cool to touch and feed them. It was also cool to be able to touch a lion. At the tiger show, it was cool to be able to see them perform. I had an awesome time at this fun and "dangerous" safari.

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