Thursday, September 17, 2009

Micaiah on Indonesia

Today a friend of mine had the following conversation with Micaiah:

A: So are you excited about going to Indonesia?
M: People ask me that all the time! And I have to say, "No," or "I don't know."
A: Well, let's think about some things that will be good about Indonesia. First of all, you get to go on an airplane. That should be LOTS of fun.
M: Yeah,... but I'm going to have to go to school when we get there.
A: But you'll get to go to school for all the fun classes.
M: Yeah! Like art.
A: And exercise... And you'll get to eat lots of yummy food there
M: We are going to eat bunny when we get there.
A: You are?
M: Well, some of them are rabbits and some of them are bunnies, but we're going to eat them. And in Indonesia, the people eat spaghetti at every meal!

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