Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Now we're going places!

The kids are excited to show off their newly acquired visas. They arrived yesterday!

Elijah says, "Oh, boy! Now I can really go somewhere."

Elijah loves to go. Some of his very favorite words are "Go," "oosh" (shoes), "Bah" (that's southern baby for "Bye"), "Doe" (door), "Ca' " (Car). When I told him we could go on a trip with the visa he was holding, he immediately said, "Ca' ?" I replied, "No, you can't get there in a car. We'll have to go in an airplane." His big, brown eyes got really big as he thought about what this new idea meant. I guess we need to teach the child what a plane is... or then again, I guess he'll figure it out for himself in the most intimate way in a couple months when we take off on our biggest adventure yet.

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