Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moriah turns 10!

March 3 was a big day in our family. Moriah started the day by talking to Granddaddy and Sarah and opening a present. (It actually wasn't even Moriah's birthday back in NC, yet!) She got a digital camera from them, much to her delight.

The next day, Friday, four friends came to spend the night. (Nathanael wisely escaped to a friend's house for the night.) Last year, Moriah had a huge party - 15 kids or more for several hours. So, we told her it had to be smaller this year. I'm still trying to figure out how four girls overnight qualifies as smaller! She also included Micaiah in most of her party activities.

Moriah wanted a cookie-cake. This is made from Joe's sugar cookie recipe, a family favorite, usually around Christmas. There is a horse decorated on the front. Beth is quite talented.

Moriah also opened presents from our family. The other kids got her a bag that she really wanted. She is the queen of bags - bookbags, hand bags, tote bags...

She was also very pleased to get a more grown up looking NIV Bible.
Her friends brought gifts, too. One gave her a set of personalized pajamas.

Here is Moriah with her friends when the party was over.

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