Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Car - A Toyota KIJANG

At long last, here are pictures! This is a 1995 model. It's worth about $5500, believe it or not. We're hoping that it won't depreciate; most cars in this age range haven't been in the last few years. Some actually appreciate.

Don't let the SUV look fool you. There's only a 1.8L engine under the hood! It is a straight drive. Most cars here are (and I imagine almost 100% this old are).

We did have some body work done after we bought it. There were some areas under the doors on both sides that had rusted through.

It is a little worn, but most importantly, the A/C works great! Actually, I laughed with Beth last night when I commented: this is the first car we've had with keyless entry. We're moving up! (I'm sure this was not a factory installed feature.)

The kids were happy when they learned that we were getting the inboard facing rear seats. These were discontinued in the late 90s.

Learning the way to drive hasn't been as hard as I expected. I've been watching the traffic and others drive for 14 months. I do very frequently turn on the wipers when I mean to signal. And I also always turn to look over the wrong shoulder when backing. Shifting gears with my left hand isn't too bad (the pedals thankfully are the same). We're very thankful for the flexibility that the car is providing.

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