Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Girl!

(THREE POSTS TODAY - Keep reading below!)

The girls have been saving (and some family members in the states have been helping at birthdays and such) so that they could buy American Girl dolls. They have also waited a LONG time for someone to be able to bring dolls to them here.

So, here is Moriah, proud owner of "Ruthie." She chose Ruthie because she looked the prettiest. She already started reading the book that came with her doll, "Really Truly Ruthie." She is very happy and can't wait for her friends to come over so they can play with her doll.

And here is Micaiah with "Rebecca." Micaiah likes her because she is so cute. Micaiah especially likes the shawl and hat with its bow. Rebecca also has a spot to hold her hair pick.

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