Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to camping - at play

Sorry this is a little late now. But, here is the last post from our camping trip. The kids had a great time playing on a little playground at the campgrounds. There were two zip-lines. Micaiah liked the slower one.
Moriah enjoyed the fast one. She learned from a friend to flip herself upside down while she rode.
Elijah liked to pretend to take trips on this horse - going to visit family. Must've been a very long ride! He also rode in a swing made from an old tire.

One thing I've always wanted to do as a family is go to a water park. When we were last at Taman Safari - a drive through zoo which allows you to get really close to the animals (see post late Dec/early Jan), they had a water park almost open. It has long since opened. The kids went the last day of school in late May. The campgrounds was very near this park, so we decided to go before we headed back to the city.
We had the park almost to ourselves. They have a really nice area for small kids, and several pretty fast slides. This float was for the wildest ride. With two decent-sized passengers you would capsize on entering the pool.
Unfortunately, Beth's injured knee kept her from enjoying the park as much, but the six of us had a relaxing float around the lazy river. Elijah enjoyed it and wanted to go again (pictured).
There was a small pool with lots of these turtles on the way out. It was the end of the day, so they were feeding them some sort of green beans (although whatever they were, they were about 18" long). So the kids got to help.

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