Saturday, August 21, 2010

At play in August

He's a small sampling of the things going on in our house.

One of our recent family activities has been to go out in front of the house and ride bikes. This has allowed us to meet a neighbor. The ideal time to ride is right around 5pm. The air has cooled by then. It's still light. And, most importantly, the gate at one end of the street gets closed, so there's almost no traffic.

Moriah now has a bike, too. Here she is on it.

Here is the bike that Nathanael has had for a while. One of the neighbors here GAVE it to him. What a blessing!
Micaiah is slowly growing stronger and more confident.
Elijah is not a biker, yet. He loves to go out and push his stroller around. Sometimes he tries to run into me. (See the mischeif in his eyes?)

Elijah is potty training. He has his good and bad days. After success, he sometimes gets a treat. This time, his treat turned his mouth completely blue!
We recently used an iTunes gift card to download Bob and Larry Sing the 70s. It got pretty funky in our house. Here is Elijah dancing to the Funkytown. This is basically the same motion that he uses to 'jump.' (Hope the video works...I'm not sure it uploaded correctly. Let me know if not.)

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