Saturday, June 19, 2010

Elijah's stair climbing adventure

Elijah was playing out back this morning when suddenly we heard him scream. We all went running to see what had happened and found him lying at the bottom of our concrete steps. Thankful that an ER nurse lives next door, I didn't even stop to put ice on the large knot already growing on his forehead as I headed out the gate and straight for her house. We are praising God for His protection. The knot you see and the small abrasion on the top of Elijah's head are all he has to show for his intimate encounter with the concrete steps that lead up to the clothes drying rack area out back of our house. He had never shown any interest in those steps before and we still don't know why he decided to climb, but we pray he learned his lesson (and have been reviewing the lesson throughout the day in an attempt to be sure he understands).

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