Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nathanael felled his first tree

Sunday, Nathanael decided to explore our back garden again. I guess the sewing projects inside were not interesting enough. After building some small army men forts in the dirt, he decided to climb a tree to see what he could see. He noticed the tree was leaning a bit more than the last time he'd climbed it. Undeterred, he nimbly climbed and began to shake the tree, pretending to be a wind storm. After a few minutes, he began to hear cracking noises and braced himself, landing softly in a sitting position on top of the tree.

With big smiles, he came inside and said, "Don't tell Daddy. I want to tell him." You will notice the large glass doors to the left of the tree. From the front door, you can see our back garden through those doors. I guess he thought maybe David wouldn't notice the tree lying across our back patio. Nothing odd about that, right?

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