Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pamlico House
Our journies have taken us... across town to a new address. We are enjoying a cute little place we call "the Pamlico House." With all its quirks and kinks, it has been a blessing. We have three bedrooms and an extra room for library/study/school. Plenty of space and great furniture we were able to borrow from our dear friends at Home to Home.

Our kinks are being ironed our one by one, but the best adventure so far has been the tale of the "hot seat." One morning, we heard the toilet running. When David went to check on it, he thought it was odd how humid the bathroom seemed when he entered. As soon as he stuck his hand in the tank, he discovered why. It had been plumbed to hot water! It was a wonderful opportunity for comic relief after a long line of such oddities that made our move in all the more adventurous!
Elijah says its still a great place to drive his cars!

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